OAP - Ortho Aminophenol

2-Aminophenol is an organic compound with the formula C₆H₇NO. Along with its isomer 4-aminophenol, it is an amphoteric molecule and a reducing agent. It is a useful reagent for the synthesis of dyes and heterocyclic compounds

Product Characteristics Product Detail
CAS No95-55-6
Molecular Weight109.13
SynonymsNakoYellow 3GA;Paradone Olive Green B;Pelagol 3GA;Pelagol Grey GG;Rodol 2G;Zoba 3GA;o-Aminohydroxybenzene;o-Aminophenol;o-Hydroxyaniline;o-Hydroxyphenylamine;o-aminophenol;o-hydroxyaniline;O-Amino phenol;Phenol,o-amino- (8CI);(2-Hydroxyphenyl)amine;1-Amino-2-hydroxybenzene;1-Hydroxy-2-aminobenzene;2-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene;Phenol,2-amino-;2-Aminophenylalcohol;2-Hydroxyaniline;2-Hydroxybenzenamine;BASF Ursol 3GA;Benzofur GG;C.I. 76520;C.I. Oxidation Base 17;Fouramine OP;NSC 1534;NSC 226261;
Purity 99% min

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