MNPT is a very important intermediate, MNPT is used with other intermediate to manufacture quality products

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CAS No89-62-3
Molecular Weight152.15
Synonymsp-Toluidine,2-nitro- (8CI);(4-Methyl-2-nitrophenyl)amine;1-Amino-2-nitro-4-methylbenzene;2-Nitro-p-toluidine;3-Nitro-4-aminotoluene;4-Amino-3-nitrotoluene;4-Methyl-2-nitrobenzenamine;4-Methyl-o-nitroaniline;Amarthol Fast Red GL Salt;Azoamine Red A;Azobase NAT;AzoeneFast Red Red GL Salt;Azoic Diazo Component 8;C.I. 37110;Conazoic Diazo M;Devol Red G;Dycosbase Red GL Base;F. Red Gl Base;Fast Red 3NT Salt;Fast Red Base JL;Fast Red G Base;Fast Red GL Base;HD Fast Red GL Base;Hiltonil FastRed GL Base;Hiltosal Fast Red GL Salt;Lake Red G Base;Lithosol Scarlet BaseM;Lithosol Scarlet BaseMW;MNPT;Mitsui Red GL Base;Naphtoelan FastRed GL Base;Red Base Ciba VII;Red Base NGL;Red G Salt;Red Salt Irga VII;Shinnippon Fast Red GL Base;Toyo Fast Red GL Base;
Density1.269 g/cm3
Melting Point115-116 C(lit.)
Boiling Point302.9 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point137 C
SolubilityInsoluble in water
Appearanceorange to orange-brown fine crystalline powder

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