MAA-Methyl Acetoacetate

MAA, Methyl Aceto acetate is a very important intermediate, MAA, Methyl Aceto acetate is used with other intermediate to manufacture quality products

Product Characteristics Product Detail
CAS No105-45-3
Molecular Weight116.12
SynonymsAcetoaceticacid, methyl ester (6CI,8CI);3-Oxobutanoic acid methyl ester;3-Oxobutyricacid methyl ester;Acetoacetate methyl ester;Methyl 3-oxobutanoate;Methyl3-oxobutyrate;Methyl acetylacetate;
Density1.039 g/cm3
Melting Point-80 C
Boiling Point169.4 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point61.6 C
Solubility460 g/L in water at 20 C
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid

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