Ethyl cyanoacetate

Ethyl cyanoacetate is a very important intermediate, Ethyl cyanoacetate is used with other intermediate to manufacture quality products

Product Characteristics Product Detail
CAS No105-56-6
Molecular Weight113.12
SynonymsEthyl cyanoacetate [UN2666] [Keep away from food];Ethylester kyseliny kyanoctove [Czech];Cyanoacetic ester;Cyanoacetic acid, ethyl ester;Stearate Methyl;Cyanoacetic acid ethyl ester;Cyanacetate ethyle [German];Usaf kf-25;Malonic acid ethyl ester nitrile;Malonic acid, ethyl ester nitrile;Ethyl cyanacetate;Estere cianoacetico [Italian];ethyl 2-cyanoacetate;Ethyl cyanoethanoate;Acetic acid, cyano-, ethyl ester;Cyanacetate ethyle;
Density1.047 g/cm3
Melting Point-22 C
Boiling Point203.6 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point84.1 C
Solubility20 g/L (20 C) in water
AppearanceClear to very yellow liquid

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