DCDA, Dicyandiamide is a very important intermediate, DCDA, Dicyandiamide is used with other intermediate to manufacture quality products

Product Characteristics Product Detail
CAS No461-58-5
Molecular Weight84.08
SynonymsDCD;cyano-(diaminomethylidene)azanium;XB 2879B;Dyhard 100S;Dyhard 100;Araldite HT 986;Ajicure AH 150;Dicyandiamin [German];Epicure DICY 7;Epicure DICY;Amicure AH 162;H 3636S;Adeka HT 2844;N-Cyanoguanidine;2-Cyanoguanidine;Amicure CG 1400;Didin;Dicy 100S;Dicyanex 1400B;Dyhard 100SF;Dicyandiamido;Sodium Dicyandiamide;Bakelite VE 2560;Amicure CG 325;1-Cyanoguanidine;Guanidine,cyano-;Dicy;Dyhard RU 100;Dicyandiamid;DICYANDIAMIN;3,3-Diaminodenzidein;Dicyanex 200;Dicyanodiamide;
Density1.42 g/cm3
Melting Point208-211 C(lit.)
Boiling Point229.8 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point92.8 C
Solubility32 g/L (20 C) in water
Appearancewhite powder

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