Blue B Base

Blue B Base is a very important intermediate, Blue B Base is used with other intermediate to manufacture quality products

Product Characteristics Product Detail
CAS No119-90-4
Molecular Weight244.32
SynonymsBenzidine,3,3'-dimethoxy- (8CI);Fast Blue B Base (6CI);3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-diaminobiphenyl;Dianisidine;FastBlue Base B;3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl;3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidene;3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine;4,4'-Bi-o-anisidine;4,4'-Diamino-3,3'-dimethoxy-1,1'-biphenyl;Amacel Developed Navy SD;AzogeneFast Blue B;Blue BN Base;Blue Base Irga B;Blue Base NB;Cellitazol B;Cibacete Diazo Navy Blue 2B;Fast Blue DSC Base;Kayaku Blue B Base;Lake Blue B Base;NSC 3168;o-Dianisidine;
Density1.178 g/cm3
Melting Point137-138 C(lit.)
Boiling Point391.3 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point202.8 C
Solubilityslightly soluble in water
AppearanceGrey fine crystals
ApplicationDirect Dyes, Pigments

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